((As a note, this is just my very long personal opinion and nothing I say should be taken too seriously. I am not trying to offend anyone, and I apologize right now if I unintentionally did so.

I know I told myself to not get involved, but I can’t stop feeling as though something that has to be said in Adam Muto’s defense, because right now I’m just slightly confused and a little upset at the fact that about half the fandom hates him and wants him fired.

My personal opinion is that Adam Muto did absolutely nothing wrong, and he’s getting flamed by popular people, which makes their followers want to flame him, and then their friends, and so on and so on. It’s a cycle, with a lot of people going, “Adam is a homophobe, he hates gays, that’s why he hates the Mathematical recap, blah blah blah rant rant rage.”

You guys are forgetting something PRETTY darn important: Adam Muto is HALF of the reason why “What Was Missing” is even here to be argued over and put on the air! He helped create the episode that the fandom is in an uproar about. Without Adam, “What Was Missing” wouldn’t have been the same, at all. It was a team effort between him and Rebecca Sugar, so why are you guys turning on him?

When Adam Muto called the recap “smarmy”, it was completely taken out of context. A lot of the thinking that flooded my Dashboard was full of, “OMG Adam Muto said that Mathematical was smarmy and gaudy! He hates gay people because that’s what Mathematical was standing up for!” No! That wasn’t what he was doing at all! Here’s something I pulled from his formspring I think will help people understand what he was trying to get at:

"Why are you so aggressive toward people who interpret the "What was missing" episode as having gay subtext? It’s a bit of a ray of hope for a lot of people, and you could have just as easily not mentioned the issue at all, and left it open to interpret."

"I don’t mind them seeing it at all.

That reaction should come from the viewers, not from a smarmy recap video.

Or a smarmy formspring answerer.

That’s all I was saying.”

When Adam Muto says “smarmy formspring answerer” I think we can assume he’s referring to himself. He wants the fans to have their own interpretation of what the episode meant. He defended the fandom once, when it came to fanfictions and in this he’s defending the fandom as a whole again. He wants us all to feel comfortable with what we do, like fanart and fanfiction and he wants us to feel comfortable declaring our ships and having opinions on ships. He just wanted that reaction from the fans, not from a recap that was part of Frederator and most certainly not from him!

Part of the reason why he probably seemed so angry was because of the fact that Mathematical was part of Frederator, which makes people assume that Mathematical is part of the Adventure Time staff. A lot of people were saying and assuming that due to the Mathematical video, the Adventure Time staff were looking for fan input in regards to possibly making the pairing canon.

Another thing I’ve been seeing a lot lately is anger that the man in charge of the Mathematical video got fired. I agree that he should NOT have gotten fired over this mess. I do believe that the video focusing on the pairing was probably not the best thing to do, considering the chain of events and the outrage that occurred because of it, but that was NO reason to fire him. He didn’t deserve to lose his job over something as insignificant as a recap that attempted to encourage fan discussion.

With that being said, why in the world are you guys blaming Adam Muto for this turn of events? Do you guys honestly think that one writer has enough pull in the studio to actually get a guy fired? If this were Pen, then yeah, I would say that he had enough pull to get that done. But Adam’s just a writer, there was no way that he has enough of a voice to get that done.

Because Mathematical got pulled, it was an automatic assumption that Cartoon Network was against LGBT community, and let’s not deny it: for every one piece of mail that had even the slightest bit of thought behind it, there must have been at least ten that were full of threats and hate towards the Network. There was probably pressure from the Network because of the pressure being put on them (as a result from all the hate mail they were probably getting and the threats of being boycotted) and so they probably put pressure on Frederator which might have resulted in this guy getting fired.

I still can’t see how this is Adam’s fault. He expressed an opinion about the video, something that EVERYONE has been doing. He shouldn’t be crucified for having an opinion.

Everyone hates Adam right now because he was directly a part of the whole show and he had a negative opinion about the video. If Rebecca Sugar also expressed an opinion that you guys didn’t agree with, would you want her fired as well? If that were the case, we just lost A LOT of amazing Adventure Time episodes.

I’ll end this with a few more notes:

First by saying that I support Adam Muto and the rest of the Adventure Time staff. I love their work and I hope they keep doing what they doing.

Secondly, we’re all Adventure Time fans. We all love the world of Ooo and the characters, so why are we all hating the creators and each other over one episode?))

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